Caring for Your Garments and Soft Interiors


Convenient Dry Cleaning Services and Alterations from Kensington and Chelsea

For a range of handy dry cleaning services from a business you can trust, look no further than AA Noble House LTD. Based in Kensington and Chelsea, we have been providing specialised dry cleaning solutions in London for more than 40 years, and use a variation of both care and technology to achieve outstanding results. Our staff also offer clothing alterations for your peace of mind.

Dry Cleaning

Every day, AA Noble House LTD is entrusted with elaborate couture dresses and suits along with fine knits and silks. Our expertise in couture cleaning, combined with the passion to provide extraordinary care and attention to every garment, ensures that we bring you a service of the finest quality. Your garments will always be handled by fabric care experts.

Our professionals go the extra mile with every item that needs to be dry cleaned, from covering buttons beforehand to prevent any damage to removing items of trim. Each garment is individually inspected and the stain removal is performed by hand.


Washing your shirts with special soap at cool temperatures to minimise shrinkage, every single garment processed at AA Noble House LTD are handled with the utmost care. Upon inspection, our highly trained staff carefully reinforce or replace buttons that may need special attention. Shirts with existing stains are sent directly to one of our specialists where they will be properly cleansed. In addition, we offer a competitively priced service for your everyday work shirts. These can either be displayed on a hanger or folded, depending on your specific needs.

Household and Personal Laundry

Using the best possible methods, extra care is taken to wash each of your garments. A rich, sudsy wash removes dirt and surface stains from towels and bedding, while more delicate items are washed by hand to preserve their tenuous nature and enhance their beauty. After your items have been cleaned, dried, and inspected, they are precisely folded and packaged for delivery or collection.

At AA Noble House LTD, we know how important it is to treat garments with care. Fine linens require the delicate art of gentle handling that effectively cleans them too. Using the latest in techniques and special detergents, linens are also finished with special equipment designed specifically for large linens so you are able to really feel the difference.

All items are individually inspected before being washed with the gentlest detergents and finished to our strict standards. Laundry is then folded and packed ready for the next time that you change your bed linen. This service saves you time as well as guaranteeing you the highest standard of laundry service available.

Duvet, Pillow, and Blanket Cleaning

If an item can be dry cleaned, it is exposed to less risk of shrinkage than when it is washed in water. Comforters or blankets that must be washed in water are still better off being cleaned at our facilities than at home, as our modern washers can accommodate large items. The dryers that we use are sensitive to moisture to ensure a softer, fluffier appearance, and promote even distribution of the filler material contained in comforters. Additionally, we provide a handy carpet and curtain cleaning service to keep your home looking its best.

All of your cleaned comforters, blankets, duvets, and pillows will be returned to you in breathable storage bags with zipper sliders for quick and easy access. The bags may be used for storage thanks to the breathable material located on both sides of the bags. Our bedspread, duvet, and comforter bags are all equipped with a carrying handle on top, making them easier to carry.

If you do not wish to store your items in these bags, you may return them on your next visit. Parkers will be more than happy to recycle the storage bags for you.

Used and Leather Garments

All of your leather and suede items will be expertly cleaned by experienced craftsmen. Our professional suede and leather cleaning service helps to keep your garments looking fresher longer by not only removing soil and stains, but also replenishing the natural oils that your garment loses over time.

We have all of the available cleaning solutions to ensure that your garments are cleaned in the best way possible. We also use the latest European finishing equipment to give your clothing shape while keeping them soft and supple. To give your worn suede and leather garments a brand-new look, we re-dye them to bring any faded or dull colours back to life.

Collection and Delivery

Imagine how easy life would be having a closet full of clean clothes without you having to lift a finger. To simplify your busy schedule, we provide collection and delivery solutions as part of our dry cleaning, laundry, and alteration services. These solutions are part of our superior customer service that creates an unrivalled experience to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Special Requests

Many of our customers book regular weekly collections or services twice a week, leaving us new garments to pick up and clean or repair. Others prefer to call us the day before and even the same morning that they would like to schedule a collection.

Please try to call by 9:00 a.m. for a same-day service. We do have voicemail facilities so please feel free to leave us a collection request after store hours if necessary. Collection requests should include your preferred days of pick-up and delivery. Please remember to try and give us a minimum of 3 days to service garments when utilising our route service.

AA Noble House LTD provides a convenience to you by bringing our dedicated cleaners to your home or business. Many companies offer our service to their employees, and enjoy the suitability of having their dry cleaning delivered.

Alterations and Repairs

Expert alterations and repairs for a wide variety of items are provided by one of the area’s most experienced tailors. We offer you swift, detailed clothing alterations and repairs when you live within 5 miles of London. When you suffer an unexpected garment malfunction, or have decided that it is finally time to give your jacket a new zip, our dedicated team of tailors are ready to assist you.

Our wide range of services includes:

Full Garment Alterations and Repairs
Shortening and Lengthening
Reattaching the Hems of Jeans
Uniform Patches

Any type of repair is possible, from sewing on a missing button to replacing a damaged zipper or panel.

Contact us in Kensington and Chelsea, to find out more about quality dry cleaning services and clothing alterations.